Monday, 25 April 2011


Hey guys, check it. This is a poster and print ive done for an upcoming show at sneaky dees for doom sludge metalers TOMBS. I was pretty stoked to be asked to do this poster, doing the work is so much more rewarding when its for a band you like. Ill post the facebook event when it goes up as well. Speaking of bands I like, you may wanna scope out this band if you like bands like Tombs. RED FANG! Its doomy and sludgy with a cool dash of rock n roll and Ive been really diggin it all day. Check it out

Friday, 15 April 2011


Im really excited about this. I just finished this poster for Louisvilles finest, Coliseum. Coliseum are one of my favorite bands, I loved their post apocalyptic mad max meets motorhead meets black cross feel to their new post punk Joy Division-esque feel. Their new album "House with a curse" doesnt sound the way youd think an album recorded in a haunted funeral home and written in an office where the previous occupant hung himself would sound, it sounds better. Quickly on its way to becoming one of my favorite albums of all time.

 So yes, I think its safe to say Coliseum are one of my favorite bands, and im priveleged to have gotten to do poster art for their upcoming toronto show. There will be a limited number of hand screened and numbered silk screened prints of this poster at the show as well.

heres the info

COLISEUM (Temporary Residence Records)

CREEPER (GTA Heavy Metal/Hardcore)

CARTOONS (Toronto)



$10 in advance

Tickets available soon at Rotate This/Soundscapes

Online tickets:

also! Heres the latest artwork for the May edition of metal health the day after the Coliseum show, celebrating a year of metal health!

BLIND IN ONE EYE - Coliseum.  
get into it

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I think this post speaks for itself mostly. Jazzed on this, ignore the previous terminator collage I made, this re edit is much better, more like a re do, a total re do.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Youre one ugly mother fucker...

Hey, finished this today, pretty jazzed. New summer merch design for Mercenaries. Also, heres an edit of the cover art for Jefferson Deathstar, hoping to get the go ahead on the layout and illustration of this one so I can work on the coloring, stoked to work on this piece further.


Hey guys, couple new pieces Ive done this month. One for local metalcore tards Mercenaries and a piece I tossed together for Ligeia as theyre on tour in Europe with Shai Hulud. Id like to see one of those shows. Im still working on commissioned pieces for Mercenaries and Jefferson Deathstar, and hopefully Ill have some more Ligeia stuff up in the near future. Just keep comin back and checkin up! Check Ligeia out to, fun spring break bro dude nonsense with breakdowns out the ass.