Tuesday, 31 May 2011

young rivers and old flames. (prints)

First off, if anyone is interested there are a few Coliseu prints left over that werent sold at the show so get at yours truly if youd like one. Theyre printed on thick 100lb black card stock with gold and silver inks and they turned out great. Just drop a line to patricksparrow@live.ca. Also here pictured are two future prints. Id like to gauge peoples responses to the two before I get to work and so far the response has been good. Theres a fiery varient as well.


ive been workin on a new crop of designs for a pals band here for before they go on tour. I have the pleasure of having to print all of these designs as well so check the things out and pick up a shirt on one of their upcoing tour dates if theyre going through your town! ps if you want a print that i did for the Coliseum show just shoot off a line to patricksparrow@live.ca or facbook ! Ive got a couple left.

 I really dig the panther piece. It was inspired by an old us ww2 tank destoyer insignia. I consider it paying respects to original design, not biting haha. You be the judge, heres the original

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Coliseum/ End of the world TONIGHT

Hey! just thought id post up a lil something about this. Tonight at The Coliseum gig at the Garrison in Toronto y pal Greg will have the print i did for sale at doors. It will have two editions of 15. One in silver ink and the other in gold. Posters are ten bucks a pop and they turned out really great so this is exciting. So If the world doesnt blow up and fall into post apocolyptic chaos before 9 tonight then be sure to go on out, pick up a print and bang your head!

http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=107729619312900  heres the event page for further details!