Monday, 5 September 2011

wow its been a while!

To whoever reads this shit please pardon the lapse i posts, been pretty busy this last month between working 12 hour days and moving again. This will just serve as a quick update, what doesn't help the situation is this computer that I use for most of my work is slowly dying so thats annoying as hell haha.

 when i get that computer situation sorted ill have more posts, I've also bee drafted by my new pal Logan to do a art column for Hearwax and ill have a ton of new updates art wise for myself as well as others.

here's a quick look at what I've done lately, split poster for UPLIFT ad INDIAN  

as well, here's a piece i did for my new bad BLACK FAXES so glad to be a part of this band of great musicians and just great guys.   this other piece here, that was just sexy fun.

one other thing. The state of music today is such shit, its been put down and over saturated by bands without passion, heart or balls. Its a cop out, that being a contributor and just being coupled with the fact that most people just "share"(steal) music takes the good artists away fro the equation.

not Gallows though. This is the new incarnation of Gallows with new signer Wade Macneal ad its knocked me on my ass. They're one of the few bands doing something with heart ad style that you should care about. As a gift to you ingrates, they're even posting a new song for free. Don't be a goon, take the 37 seconds to enjoy something meaningful

ok, perhaps that post wasn't as quick as id thought it would be...



support (download)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Titan Tour.

I was asked to re vamp the poster I did for Titan so It could be used as a tour poster. So I did it! Im glad with how it came out, did a couple color variations, I dug the green and grey tones better personally but Im just happy anyone likes it at all.  

Titan are on all over Canada all summer so check back often at Tomorrow however Titan will be at Sneaky Dees Toronto for Chris's birthday show with the one and only KEN mode so come on down and get your face shredded off by hot riffs and wish Chris a happy birthday while your at it....and while youre at that! Buy one of the prints ive made of the tour artwork ahaha. Edition of 30, red and gold, some just red, some just gold.        


I was also very flattered to see some nice remarks about the art over at its a pretty nifty new site for anything art related that you really should care about (except me) haha.
But that is where I discovered the video debuting the new mastodon song "black tongue" which is beyond bad ass.
The video boasts a ripping new mastodon track as well as a "making of" video of the sculpture pictured on the new albums cover as done by the brilliant wood working sculptor and artist AJ Fosik. Great watch.... I wish I got to do album art for mastodon, talk about a dream come day perhaps.  

Behold the almighty mastodon!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

They were warned...They are doomed...And on Friday the 13th, nothing will save them

hey! so first off, i'm pleased to say that ill be going to the Toronto Fan expo this year and ill be there handing out goodies as well as nerding out hard with my fellow virgins. Ill have a limited number of A Nightmare On Elm Street prints that ill be making, as well as some other things just as a promotional thing. And what better place to get a Nightmare print! Because if you get one you can get it signed at the expo by the one and only Freddy himself! Mr Robert Eungland! For more info on the expo go here 

 On that note to, I did another slasher piece just for fun. Im pretty jazzed on how the illustration came out. Also I finally got my Friday the 13th Snes game in the mail today so that makes for a good day. I just absolutely fell in love with the cheesy and horrible 80's box graphics and thought it would look good beside my Friday the 13th vhs's (that's right, i still have vhs's to). The people from the prince Charles Cinema were nice enough to send me a letter with some movie tickets for my efforts on the Hobo With A Shotgun Poster I did. Sadly I don't know when I'll get to London to use them haha.

Also, here's the two new pieces I put together for Vices, Live In 3d. They were really fun to put together. One in a H.P. Lovecraft inspired Cthulu design. I just wanted to make that one cartoony and a total orgy of tentacles, claws and teeth so it takes a while of looking at to to know whats going on and that's what I went for haha.
The second design is my favorite of the two. This is actually what the band requested for the illustration. they asked for every detail on the girl except for the vest and eye patch and corny tattoos that I tossed into the mix. They're only worry about the piece was that there wasn't ENOUGH nudity which I was surprised to hear, but as Blake would tell a girl upon the first viewing of his penis "less is more"

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Counterparts/ Hobo with a shotgun poster artwork.

First off i'm very pleased to announce that the poster I've done for the Prince Charles Cinema in London was selected as the winner and has been on display at the theatre for their UK run of Hobo With A Shotgun. Its an honor to have been recognized by such great artists like Jason Eisner, the films director as well as Tom Hodge, the artist behind the brilliant original Hobo poster who has since become a giant contributor to the revival of grind house and film art and has been a big part of its revival.

Don't forget, go out and rent or buy ( you really should buy) Hobo with a shotgun. Its a great film and even if you don't appreciate the story for what it is you should be able to appreciate the film for what it is because its a triumph that this film was ever made, let alone released and the story of the director deserves some applaud and respect.

Also in recent Pat Sparrow news, I was commissioned for another fun poster from Pear Tree Productions. Farrell's a good pal so a lil over a week ago when he first asked me about it I got to work straight away since it was time sensitive and I'm happy about the progress of the piece thus far. And if you're into the poster, get into the show. Farrell's the man you wanna support within the music scene because hes such a big lover of it and contributor and he keeps bands like these around
One more quick note. Im very pleased to announce Iam the new vocalist for Toronto hardcore outfit Black Faxes. Black faxes are a group of really well rounded gents and I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to be making   music again with some of the highest caliber of musicians and writers i've gotten to work with yet. There will be much more to come on that not, we've come to fuck shit up.

Heres a lil piece i tossed together for the guys, Romero inspired. Queen of the witches! Stay posted and get a feel for the black faxes brand of hardcore tear your face off and eat it riffage.
thats all for now but lots of new news real real soon. Lots to be busy with, and I'm very happy to be so busy. But now, finally I shall rest, signing off at 5:42 in the am, this nocturnal creatures got some Z's to catch, and some sunlight to avoid.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Titan and Ken mode.

Hey there, pretty jazzed, got a couple new pieces here to show off. Its been a busy week but im enjoying the fruits of my labor and waiting for the weekend to come for some RnR. First off, Ive got a new poster ive been commissioned for for Titan, sharing the bill with Van City noise metallers KEN mode (Kill Everyone Now mode). I was excited to do this piece for such great bands, as well as the piece for Titans Toronto gig this Sunday at soybomb. View both underneath and go to both shows and have you mind blown out the back of your head by some credible and talented artists, not just metal artist, but artists.

the poster for this weekends show. 

my pals NORRIS are on this show Saturday with Titan as well, I posted earlier a poster i did for Norris's current tour, here as well is another variant that was done. Im in bed with some awesome bands here. 
listen to good bands here
Oh shit, before I forget to, I did a quick piece for my pal Blake's band Vices. Check it here, not my typical style, lil more cartoony than usual but it flies. I spent all night screening these shirts for their shows this weekend and they came out pretty damn good. Listen to Vices here 

Now off to enjoy my weekend entertainment at the cottage, hopefully ill get some sweet mantiquing  done at one of the dozens of antique joints on the way up to cottage country up north. Heres a pic of my entertainment, as well as a pic of my hobo with a shotgun poster tossed up at the London premiere, as well as a few other horror nerds submissions.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hobo With A Shotgun/ Norris

Wooo. Here's a couple new pieces i finished up this week. first off, I did a Hobo with a shotgun poster for the Prince Charles Cinema in London England. Its part of a fun contest that they have for the premiere of Hobo, where fans and artists can make and submit their own mock grind house trailers to be shown before the film (the way that hobo with a shotgun was first done, as a mock trailer before the death proof/ planet terror films), as well as their own hobo inspired grind house posters.

Being such a horror fan, and just a fan of the film and the brilliant original hobo poster by Tom Hodge I had to do my own and it was quite fun. Winner gets their poster displayed at the theater for the run of the film and that's it, aside from some bragging rights to other nerds who may give a shit. 

Secondly, here's a tour poster and a shirt mock up for Thunder Bay tech metal band NORRIS. I was really stoked to do this piece, I don't get to usually work with many bands that I actually appreciate as musicians so this was a great opportunity. I just wish that I had a lil more time to do something with a little more care for them but seeing as I was only contacted days ago and this was needed to promote a tour that starts in a week, well that wasn't a luxury I had. 

Anyways, here's hoping I get the chance to work with Norris again and I hope you see them on one of their upcoming tour dates. Their brand of bone chilling aggressive and unique tech metal is really something to behold.

See Norris here
07/07/2011 - Jimmy Jazz,Guelph

07/08/2011 - Club NV, Brantford

07/09/2011 - Army Navy & Airforce Club, Simcoe

07/10/2011 - Soybomb, Toronto

07/11/2011 - The Spill, Peterborough

07/14/2011 - Hard Luck Bar, Toronto

07/15/2011 - The Dude Ranch, London

07/16/2011 - Staats and Weltz Paintball, Brantford

Listen to Norris here

Monday, 27 June 2011

Shake A Tail!

Hey! its been a lil while since I've posted anything so here's a new piece for you to scope out. My new buddy Aaron Knight was good enough to contact me for this piece for a 60's music night at Sneaky Dee's. It was a awesome and refreshing piece to do and Aaron is an awesome and refreshing guy. Its cool to see someone doing something they love like that and not in a cartoonish 60's night kind of way, its just a night where people get together to appreciate songs with craft and spirit, who don't just dress up like hippies and quote Austin Powers like goons.

If you wanna check out Shake A tail please do so, I need to jam on down to Toronto to check This out for myself. Here's the art!

Also! dont forget to check out METAL HEALTH! If youre more into the aggressive tunage then this should satisfy. Awesome metal jams at Sneaky Dees with cheap drink specials to keep you headbanging! Ive been doing the Artwork for this party for the last year or so and is always a load of fun to do.

Here's a lil something for folks who enjoy 60's space rock and metal riffage alike! Metal heads, recognize that wart faced cowboy rippin on the bass?

Monday, 6 June 2011


Hey, heres a new piece I did for Chris Woodford and his Toronto based progressive art etal band Titan. I got jazzed about this one, It was alot of fun illustrating and putting together, especially the this lizzy inspired text haha. Hope you enjoy. I hope its a good visual representation of their band. If you like what you see to, see if you like what youll hear of titan here

Also! Ive been listening to this non stop. Crazy italian horror inspired synth craziness, the Dude turned e on to this record, prophecy of the black widow. Very scary overtones, insane electronic beats, sounds kinda what I think daft punk would sound like if they were Italian horror buffs and not sci fi space rockers.

If youre not knowing the Dude then please do so. Hes a great grindhouse inspired artist whos been doing lots of jaw dropping work, very notable is the hobo with a shotgun poster hes done for jason Eisner but thats just the tip of the iceberg because each piece hes produced outshines the last, like for instance his latest pieces for the flicks Battleground and the new dad rape flick Fathers day. Seriously, feast your eyes.

heres a taste of his insane body of work. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

young rivers and old flames. (prints)

First off, if anyone is interested there are a few Coliseu prints left over that werent sold at the show so get at yours truly if youd like one. Theyre printed on thick 100lb black card stock with gold and silver inks and they turned out great. Just drop a line to Also here pictured are two future prints. Id like to gauge peoples responses to the two before I get to work and so far the response has been good. Theres a fiery varient as well.


ive been workin on a new crop of designs for a pals band here for before they go on tour. I have the pleasure of having to print all of these designs as well so check the things out and pick up a shirt on one of their upcoing tour dates if theyre going through your town! ps if you want a print that i did for the Coliseum show just shoot off a line to or facbook ! Ive got a couple left.

 I really dig the panther piece. It was inspired by an old us ww2 tank destoyer insignia. I consider it paying respects to original design, not biting haha. You be the judge, heres the original

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Coliseum/ End of the world TONIGHT

Hey! just thought id post up a lil something about this. Tonight at The Coliseum gig at the Garrison in Toronto y pal Greg will have the print i did for sale at doors. It will have two editions of 15. One in silver ink and the other in gold. Posters are ten bucks a pop and they turned out really great so this is exciting. So If the world doesnt blow up and fall into post apocolyptic chaos before 9 tonight then be sure to go on out, pick up a print and bang your head!  heres the event page for further details!

Monday, 25 April 2011


Hey guys, check it. This is a poster and print ive done for an upcoming show at sneaky dees for doom sludge metalers TOMBS. I was pretty stoked to be asked to do this poster, doing the work is so much more rewarding when its for a band you like. Ill post the facebook event when it goes up as well. Speaking of bands I like, you may wanna scope out this band if you like bands like Tombs. RED FANG! Its doomy and sludgy with a cool dash of rock n roll and Ive been really diggin it all day. Check it out

Friday, 15 April 2011


Im really excited about this. I just finished this poster for Louisvilles finest, Coliseum. Coliseum are one of my favorite bands, I loved their post apocalyptic mad max meets motorhead meets black cross feel to their new post punk Joy Division-esque feel. Their new album "House with a curse" doesnt sound the way youd think an album recorded in a haunted funeral home and written in an office where the previous occupant hung himself would sound, it sounds better. Quickly on its way to becoming one of my favorite albums of all time.

 So yes, I think its safe to say Coliseum are one of my favorite bands, and im priveleged to have gotten to do poster art for their upcoming toronto show. There will be a limited number of hand screened and numbered silk screened prints of this poster at the show as well.

heres the info

COLISEUM (Temporary Residence Records)

CREEPER (GTA Heavy Metal/Hardcore)

CARTOONS (Toronto)



$10 in advance

Tickets available soon at Rotate This/Soundscapes

Online tickets:

also! Heres the latest artwork for the May edition of metal health the day after the Coliseum show, celebrating a year of metal health!

BLIND IN ONE EYE - Coliseum.  
get into it

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I think this post speaks for itself mostly. Jazzed on this, ignore the previous terminator collage I made, this re edit is much better, more like a re do, a total re do.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Youre one ugly mother fucker...

Hey, finished this today, pretty jazzed. New summer merch design for Mercenaries. Also, heres an edit of the cover art for Jefferson Deathstar, hoping to get the go ahead on the layout and illustration of this one so I can work on the coloring, stoked to work on this piece further.


Hey guys, couple new pieces Ive done this month. One for local metalcore tards Mercenaries and a piece I tossed together for Ligeia as theyre on tour in Europe with Shai Hulud. Id like to see one of those shows. Im still working on commissioned pieces for Mercenaries and Jefferson Deathstar, and hopefully Ill have some more Ligeia stuff up in the near future. Just keep comin back and checkin up! Check Ligeia out to, fun spring break bro dude nonsense with breakdowns out the ass.

Friday, 11 March 2011

An American Werewolf!

Check it, not quite dont, still fiddling with the text and placement but its well on its way. I feel good that I listened to Cursed all night and did something productive instead of just wanting to break things and kill myself haha. Time to mellow out with some minus the bear, musical extremes! Its always way too intense or way too mellow. Anyways check the wolf and let me know your thoughts!

Also, check out these random Simpsons inspired design for Mikes fuckin goof about band, god I hope this sells. I intend on screening them all afternoon tomorrow then laughing alot when they try to sell them in Peterbrough and either sell a lot or absolutely none at all, I only see it going one of those two ways!

Mellow out man

Cuz you gotta nuke somethin....

Monday, 7 March 2011

High Tension!

Hey! Since im a huge horror buff ive taken a liking to making my own illustrated versions of my favorite horror movies. Below is a newly illustrated version of a poster for one of my favorite horror films High Tension directed by Alexandre Aja, Alex is the french mastermind behind last summers monstrous Piranha 3D as well as the remake of Wes Cravens The Hills Have Eyes. He really redeemed himself with Piranha after that piece of shit Mirriors flick. Blood and boobs galore, just giving the horror junkie what he wants. Why havent I dont a Piranha poster? haha.

Anyways ill be doing a limited print and T-shirt combo series after ive inked the final illustrations and done the final re edits. Also featured below, some of my own artwork for my own dreamed up sexist horror flick Man Eater haha. You could imagine what the plot of that one would be haha.

anyways, back to my rip of drive angry! Nick Cage isnt tricking me out of my 15$ after Ghost Rider, no sir!


Sunday, 6 March 2011

February/ March

Hey, this is my first post on this new blog so I hope someone actually reads and gives a shit. What am I saying? This is your new home page isnt it baby? Yeah thats what I thought. Anyways, the names Pat Sparrow. I do freelance design and illustration, im a scorpio, I enjoy spice foods long walks on the beach and marathon bone sessions. Naw just kidding, kinda sorta.

 I have been kinda busy lately, got a few new commissions and did a few new designs and a couple prints and heres some of what I got for February and March.

Poster I did for the February edition of Metal Health at Sneeky Dees in Toronto. 

New Mercenaries desin and shirt, excuse the crummy cell pic. Mint green on black,

New business card for my buddy Grant Waud! I affectionatly call this piece "Dawn of the Waud!"

New poster print measured 12''x18''  "Demon Dog"

New poster print measured 12"x18" "Dead World"
Both posters an edition of 10, signed and numbered

If youre interested in a comission or a shirt or print just contact me at Im currently taking paypal payments or email money transfers until i get a suitable web store up. Thanks for havin a peek, im back to work and sippin cokes and listening to the misfits. Aint life grand?