Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Titan Tour.

I was asked to re vamp the poster I did for Titan so It could be used as a tour poster. So I did it! Im glad with how it came out, did a couple color variations, I dug the green and grey tones better personally but Im just happy anyone likes it at all.  

Titan are on all over Canada all summer so check back often at Tomorrow however Titan will be at Sneaky Dees Toronto for Chris's birthday show with the one and only KEN mode so come on down and get your face shredded off by hot riffs and wish Chris a happy birthday while your at it....and while youre at that! Buy one of the prints ive made of the tour artwork ahaha. Edition of 30, red and gold, some just red, some just gold.        


I was also very flattered to see some nice remarks about the art over at its a pretty nifty new site for anything art related that you really should care about (except me) haha.
But that is where I discovered the video debuting the new mastodon song "black tongue" which is beyond bad ass.
The video boasts a ripping new mastodon track as well as a "making of" video of the sculpture pictured on the new albums cover as done by the brilliant wood working sculptor and artist AJ Fosik. Great watch.... I wish I got to do album art for mastodon, talk about a dream come day perhaps.  

Behold the almighty mastodon!

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  1. Hey Patrick!

    Logan from Hearwax here. I appreciate the shout-out!