Monday, 5 September 2011

wow its been a while!

To whoever reads this shit please pardon the lapse i posts, been pretty busy this last month between working 12 hour days and moving again. This will just serve as a quick update, what doesn't help the situation is this computer that I use for most of my work is slowly dying so thats annoying as hell haha.

 when i get that computer situation sorted ill have more posts, I've also bee drafted by my new pal Logan to do a art column for Hearwax and ill have a ton of new updates art wise for myself as well as others.

here's a quick look at what I've done lately, split poster for UPLIFT ad INDIAN  

as well, here's a piece i did for my new bad BLACK FAXES so glad to be a part of this band of great musicians and just great guys.   this other piece here, that was just sexy fun.

one other thing. The state of music today is such shit, its been put down and over saturated by bands without passion, heart or balls. Its a cop out, that being a contributor and just being coupled with the fact that most people just "share"(steal) music takes the good artists away fro the equation.

not Gallows though. This is the new incarnation of Gallows with new signer Wade Macneal ad its knocked me on my ass. They're one of the few bands doing something with heart ad style that you should care about. As a gift to you ingrates, they're even posting a new song for free. Don't be a goon, take the 37 seconds to enjoy something meaningful

ok, perhaps that post wasn't as quick as id thought it would be...



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