Thursday, 21 July 2011

They were warned...They are doomed...And on Friday the 13th, nothing will save them

hey! so first off, i'm pleased to say that ill be going to the Toronto Fan expo this year and ill be there handing out goodies as well as nerding out hard with my fellow virgins. Ill have a limited number of A Nightmare On Elm Street prints that ill be making, as well as some other things just as a promotional thing. And what better place to get a Nightmare print! Because if you get one you can get it signed at the expo by the one and only Freddy himself! Mr Robert Eungland! For more info on the expo go here 

 On that note to, I did another slasher piece just for fun. Im pretty jazzed on how the illustration came out. Also I finally got my Friday the 13th Snes game in the mail today so that makes for a good day. I just absolutely fell in love with the cheesy and horrible 80's box graphics and thought it would look good beside my Friday the 13th vhs's (that's right, i still have vhs's to). The people from the prince Charles Cinema were nice enough to send me a letter with some movie tickets for my efforts on the Hobo With A Shotgun Poster I did. Sadly I don't know when I'll get to London to use them haha.

Also, here's the two new pieces I put together for Vices, Live In 3d. They were really fun to put together. One in a H.P. Lovecraft inspired Cthulu design. I just wanted to make that one cartoony and a total orgy of tentacles, claws and teeth so it takes a while of looking at to to know whats going on and that's what I went for haha.
The second design is my favorite of the two. This is actually what the band requested for the illustration. they asked for every detail on the girl except for the vest and eye patch and corny tattoos that I tossed into the mix. They're only worry about the piece was that there wasn't ENOUGH nudity which I was surprised to hear, but as Blake would tell a girl upon the first viewing of his penis "less is more"

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