Thursday, 7 July 2011

Titan and Ken mode.

Hey there, pretty jazzed, got a couple new pieces here to show off. Its been a busy week but im enjoying the fruits of my labor and waiting for the weekend to come for some RnR. First off, Ive got a new poster ive been commissioned for for Titan, sharing the bill with Van City noise metallers KEN mode (Kill Everyone Now mode). I was excited to do this piece for such great bands, as well as the piece for Titans Toronto gig this Sunday at soybomb. View both underneath and go to both shows and have you mind blown out the back of your head by some credible and talented artists, not just metal artist, but artists.

the poster for this weekends show. 

my pals NORRIS are on this show Saturday with Titan as well, I posted earlier a poster i did for Norris's current tour, here as well is another variant that was done. Im in bed with some awesome bands here. 
listen to good bands here
Oh shit, before I forget to, I did a quick piece for my pal Blake's band Vices. Check it here, not my typical style, lil more cartoony than usual but it flies. I spent all night screening these shirts for their shows this weekend and they came out pretty damn good. Listen to Vices here 

Now off to enjoy my weekend entertainment at the cottage, hopefully ill get some sweet mantiquing  done at one of the dozens of antique joints on the way up to cottage country up north. Heres a pic of my entertainment, as well as a pic of my hobo with a shotgun poster tossed up at the London premiere, as well as a few other horror nerds submissions.


  1. Wow. saw your stuff for Km/Titan.
    So good.
    Lee-No List

  2. thats for the kind words! greatly appreciated friend.