Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Counterparts/ Hobo with a shotgun poster artwork.

First off i'm very pleased to announce that the poster I've done for the Prince Charles Cinema in London was selected as the winner and has been on display at the theatre for their UK run of Hobo With A Shotgun. Its an honor to have been recognized by such great artists like Jason Eisner, the films director as well as Tom Hodge, the artist behind the brilliant original Hobo poster who has since become a giant contributor to the revival of grind house and film art and has been a big part of its revival.

Don't forget, go out and rent or buy ( you really should buy) Hobo with a shotgun. Its a great film and even if you don't appreciate the story for what it is you should be able to appreciate the film for what it is because its a triumph that this film was ever made, let alone released and the story of the director deserves some applaud and respect.

Also in recent Pat Sparrow news, I was commissioned for another fun poster from Pear Tree Productions. Farrell's a good pal so a lil over a week ago when he first asked me about it I got to work straight away since it was time sensitive and I'm happy about the progress of the piece thus far. And if you're into the poster, get into the show. Farrell's the man you wanna support within the music scene because hes such a big lover of it and contributor and he keeps bands like these around

One more quick note. Im very pleased to announce Iam the new vocalist for Toronto hardcore outfit Black Faxes. Black faxes are a group of really well rounded gents and I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to be making   music again with some of the highest caliber of musicians and writers i've gotten to work with yet. There will be much more to come on that not, we've come to fuck shit up.

Heres a lil piece i tossed together for the guys, Romero inspired. Queen of the witches! Stay posted and get a feel for the black faxes brand of hardcore tear your face off and eat it riffage.
thats all for now but lots of new news real real soon. Lots to be busy with, and I'm very happy to be so busy. But now, finally I shall rest, signing off at 5:42 in the am, this nocturnal creatures got some Z's to catch, and some sunlight to avoid.

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