Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hobo With A Shotgun/ Norris

Wooo. Here's a couple new pieces i finished up this week. first off, I did a Hobo with a shotgun poster for the Prince Charles Cinema in London England. Its part of a fun contest that they have for the premiere of Hobo, where fans and artists can make and submit their own mock grind house trailers to be shown before the film (the way that hobo with a shotgun was first done, as a mock trailer before the death proof/ planet terror films), as well as their own hobo inspired grind house posters.

Being such a horror fan, and just a fan of the film and the brilliant original hobo poster by Tom Hodge I had to do my own and it was quite fun. Winner gets their poster displayed at the theater for the run of the film and that's it, aside from some bragging rights to other nerds who may give a shit. 

Secondly, here's a tour poster and a shirt mock up for Thunder Bay tech metal band NORRIS. I was really stoked to do this piece, I don't get to usually work with many bands that I actually appreciate as musicians so this was a great opportunity. I just wish that I had a lil more time to do something with a little more care for them but seeing as I was only contacted days ago and this was needed to promote a tour that starts in a week, well that wasn't a luxury I had. 

Anyways, here's hoping I get the chance to work with Norris again and I hope you see them on one of their upcoming tour dates. Their brand of bone chilling aggressive and unique tech metal is really something to behold.

See Norris here
07/07/2011 - Jimmy Jazz,Guelph

07/08/2011 - Club NV, Brantford

07/09/2011 - Army Navy & Airforce Club, Simcoe

07/10/2011 - Soybomb, Toronto

07/11/2011 - The Spill, Peterborough

07/14/2011 - Hard Luck Bar, Toronto

07/15/2011 - The Dude Ranch, London

07/16/2011 - Staats and Weltz Paintball, Brantford

Listen to Norris here

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