Monday, 6 June 2011


Hey, heres a new piece I did for Chris Woodford and his Toronto based progressive art etal band Titan. I got jazzed about this one, It was alot of fun illustrating and putting together, especially the this lizzy inspired text haha. Hope you enjoy. I hope its a good visual representation of their band. If you like what you see to, see if you like what youll hear of titan here

Also! Ive been listening to this non stop. Crazy italian horror inspired synth craziness, the Dude turned e on to this record, prophecy of the black widow. Very scary overtones, insane electronic beats, sounds kinda what I think daft punk would sound like if they were Italian horror buffs and not sci fi space rockers.

If youre not knowing the Dude then please do so. Hes a great grindhouse inspired artist whos been doing lots of jaw dropping work, very notable is the hobo with a shotgun poster hes done for jason Eisner but thats just the tip of the iceberg because each piece hes produced outshines the last, like for instance his latest pieces for the flicks Battleground and the new dad rape flick Fathers day. Seriously, feast your eyes.

heres a taste of his insane body of work. 

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