Monday, 27 June 2011

Shake A Tail!

Hey! its been a lil while since I've posted anything so here's a new piece for you to scope out. My new buddy Aaron Knight was good enough to contact me for this piece for a 60's music night at Sneaky Dee's. It was a awesome and refreshing piece to do and Aaron is an awesome and refreshing guy. Its cool to see someone doing something they love like that and not in a cartoonish 60's night kind of way, its just a night where people get together to appreciate songs with craft and spirit, who don't just dress up like hippies and quote Austin Powers like goons.

If you wanna check out Shake A tail please do so, I need to jam on down to Toronto to check This out for myself. Here's the art!

Also! dont forget to check out METAL HEALTH! If youre more into the aggressive tunage then this should satisfy. Awesome metal jams at Sneaky Dees with cheap drink specials to keep you headbanging! Ive been doing the Artwork for this party for the last year or so and is always a load of fun to do.

Here's a lil something for folks who enjoy 60's space rock and metal riffage alike! Metal heads, recognize that wart faced cowboy rippin on the bass?

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