Monday, 7 March 2011

High Tension!

Hey! Since im a huge horror buff ive taken a liking to making my own illustrated versions of my favorite horror movies. Below is a newly illustrated version of a poster for one of my favorite horror films High Tension directed by Alexandre Aja, Alex is the french mastermind behind last summers monstrous Piranha 3D as well as the remake of Wes Cravens The Hills Have Eyes. He really redeemed himself with Piranha after that piece of shit Mirriors flick. Blood and boobs galore, just giving the horror junkie what he wants. Why havent I dont a Piranha poster? haha.

Anyways ill be doing a limited print and T-shirt combo series after ive inked the final illustrations and done the final re edits. Also featured below, some of my own artwork for my own dreamed up sexist horror flick Man Eater haha. You could imagine what the plot of that one would be haha.

anyways, back to my rip of drive angry! Nick Cage isnt tricking me out of my 15$ after Ghost Rider, no sir!


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