Sunday, 6 March 2011

February/ March

Hey, this is my first post on this new blog so I hope someone actually reads and gives a shit. What am I saying? This is your new home page isnt it baby? Yeah thats what I thought. Anyways, the names Pat Sparrow. I do freelance design and illustration, im a scorpio, I enjoy spice foods long walks on the beach and marathon bone sessions. Naw just kidding, kinda sorta.

 I have been kinda busy lately, got a few new commissions and did a few new designs and a couple prints and heres some of what I got for February and March.

Poster I did for the February edition of Metal Health at Sneeky Dees in Toronto. 

New Mercenaries desin and shirt, excuse the crummy cell pic. Mint green on black,

New business card for my buddy Grant Waud! I affectionatly call this piece "Dawn of the Waud!"

New poster print measured 12''x18''  "Demon Dog"

New poster print measured 12"x18" "Dead World"
Both posters an edition of 10, signed and numbered

If youre interested in a comission or a shirt or print just contact me at Im currently taking paypal payments or email money transfers until i get a suitable web store up. Thanks for havin a peek, im back to work and sippin cokes and listening to the misfits. Aint life grand?